Our mission

At Signature Co., our efforts are focused on a defining vision that guides most of our actions:

We strive for a better tomorrow by making things beyond the ordinary

We do so …


  • Making a Difference: We will inspire and lead our people to serve our clients with our special point of difference.
  • Adding Value: We will always challenge ourselves if there is a better way – one that achieves a premium status.
  • Protecting our Rich Heritage: We will promote and protect our rich heritage in landscapes, architecture, and different cultural colors.
  • Having Integrity: We will seek to be honest and ethical with others, maintaining the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.
  • Building a Sustainable growth: We will make decisions in business with the community in mind and in harmony with the natural environment.

One comment on “Our mission

  1. Hello. I am interested in finding out more of your product for sourcing my business. However, you provide no information about how and why the products are “eco-friendly”. In my markets (Europe and N.A) the term is very important and would mean more than just using straw materials or any of the other materials you have. I would like to know if you have any environmental certification for the products, any organic certification, or any other type of evidence around the supply chain and processing. Such documentation is critically important for my business line, in order to justify using “eco-friendly”. I suspect that you may not have a full appreciation of what the term fully means, or on the need for transparency (as there is so little info on your site), but if you do have any info feel free to email me..

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