One comment on “Toi Yeu Son Tra, Green T Shirt For Green Live, Son Tra – Danang

  1. Green Viet, Danang

    The T shirts belongs to Green Viet, Danang, which is for social club for green life in Son Tra and Danang. All the sales profit will come directly to them.
    Found on Sep 2011, Green Viet ‘s mission are for Son Tra green life and Danang environment. At their early state, with students from Educational Uni, they have couples green days in Son Tra mountain.

    Scan the link and translate it by google for details
    Understanding their missions, Signature would love to support them in sending their green message and connect them to the right person.
    Mr. Long and Mr. Vy, founders, are the key person of Vietnam Primate Conservation Programe, run by Frankfurt Zoological Society.
    So far, they have had great contribution for Son Tra green life, esp the endangered Red Shanked Douc.
    Green Viet is at the early state and need our support in saving green life in Son Tra and Danang, guys.

    Green Viet Founders.

    Mr. Hà Thắng Long

    Mr. Trần Hữ Vỹ

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